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The Bylaws of ECLA can be found HERE.


The Executives of California Lawyers Associations was organized September 9, 1983, to accomplish the following:

  • To develop a cordial relationship, spirit of unity and common understanding among executives of the State Bar, county bars, local bars, specialty bars and minority bar associations throughout the State of California;
  • To provide a forum for the mutual interchange of ideas which will facilitate the administration of organized bar activities;
  • To provide information which will assist in the introduction of modern methods of office management and business administration in the operation of bar association offices;
  • To secure a closer coordination of activities of bar associations;
  • To conduct surveys among members of the Association on various aspects of bar association operations and activities; and
  • To stimulate the work and activities of bar associations in general.

If you are an executive of a lawyers' association in California, we invite you to join your colleagues today.

Member benefits include:


A primary benefit of membership is access to other association executives in California through a variety of activities.

  • Retreat: Annual ECLA members "retreat" in a casual, informal setting at a coastal resort for two days. This gives members a chance to talk with each other about common issues, activities, successes and to participate in education about leadership and management skills. One night of the retreat is always to devoted to an excellently planned and fun social event. This event is generally held in May or June of each year.
  • Member to Member: Knowing who your colleagues are throughout the State gives each member direct access to another member who can assist them or direct them to resources they may not know about or just provide support. Executive management can be as the saying goes "lonely at the top."
  • List Serve: ECLA maintains a list serve that can only be accessed by ECLA members. Any member can use the list serve to send communications/requests/information to all the members. The list is one of the more popular benefits of ECLA membership.
  • Annual Business Meeting/Luncheon: Each year at the CLA Annual Meeting, ECLA members meet for a business and networking meeting/luncheon. This gives members a chance to review the Association's finances; discuss issues the membership may want to address as an Association; discuss goals for the upcoming year and elect new officers and, of course, network and eat great food.
Representation at State Bar

ECLA also has a presence as an organization with the California State Bar representing executives and their views on various issues the State Bar may undertake that have an impact on ELCA members' bar associations. This gives executives a higher profile with the legal community and promotes the executives as partners' in the substantive work of the organized bar.

Membership Directory

Members can access members' updated membership information on line and keep their own listings current by logging in to your profile and updating it quickly.


By Steve Henderson, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Ventura County Bar Association, California

Executives of California Lawyers’ Association (ECLA) was casually activated in September 1979 by Linda Sternhill Davis, the Executive Director of the Beverly Hills Bar Association from 1979-1984. Two other Executive Directors, Sue Keating (San Fernando Valley Bar Association) and Vivian Stephenson (Ventura County Bar Association) would occasionally meet with and speak to Ms. Davis so as not to “reinvent the wheel.” At State Bar of California Conferences, the three began to expand their circle to include additional executives of other associations. Several years later, ECLA was formally incorporated. ECLA would like to salute these three pioneering women who founded this professional society.

This is a comprehensive listing of past presidents of ECLA. Most served a one-year term between the months of September/October through August/September depending on the scheduling of the State Bar’s Annual Meeting. A few presidents served a couple terms back-to-back.

Linda Sternhill Davis (1979-1984) Beverly Hills Bar Association

Adelle Barrette (1985) San Joaquin County Bar Association
Louise Biddle (1993-1994) Riverside County Bar Association
Steve Henderson (1994-1996) Ventura County Bar Association
Julia Spain (1997-1998) Alameda County Bar Association
Lynn Pfeifer (1998-1999) Marin County Bar Association
Dalton Mendhall (1999-2000) San Diego County Bar Association
Elaine Glass (1998-2000) Santa Monica Bar Association
Susan Goodrich (2000-2001) Monterey County Bar Association
Lisa Reep (2001-2003) Contra Costa County Bar Association
Linda Martin (2003-2004) Santa Cruz County Bar Association
Christine Burdick (2004-2005) Santa Clara County Bar Association
Ann Wassam (2005-2006) Alameda County Bar Association
Elizabeth Post (2006-2007) San Fernando County Bar Association
Stuart Forsyth (2007-2008) Los Angeles County Bar Association
Robynn Gaspar (2008-2009) Marin County Bar Association
Trudy Levindofske (2009-2010) Orange County Bar Association
Deborah Kemper (2010-2011) San Mateo County Bar Association
Dan Burkhardt (2011-2012) Bar Association of San Francisco
Juliette Bleecker (2012-2013) San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association
Marc Staenberg (2013-2014) Beverly Hills Bar Association
Rebekah Burr-Siegel (2014-2015) San Joaquin County Bar Association
Bonnie Benitez (2015-2016) Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

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